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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

So, yeah, no blogging in a good long while, but what can I say? It's summer and I've been enjoying the late sun and evening breezes as I lay across the mesh of my hammock of youthful lust with beautiful women by my side, or at least dreams thereof, too much to sit down in the house and tap-a-tap inanely upon the keyboard. So then, what is it that's drawn me away from my lemon-spiked wheat beer and my imaginary, at least so my friends and neighbors say though not one has come up with cold-hard proof enough for me yet, squadron of tiki-torch wielding belly dancers? Nothing short of a crisis of state let me tell you. That whole pack of lies about WMD? US soldiers dying at the rate of like one a day plus who knows how many Iraqis? The wholesale destruction of our nation by reactionary maniacs? Nope, it's not any of those.

I know I run the risk of sounding glib, but try this on for size: Arnold Schwarzenegger could be the next governor of California. And not three-and-a-half years from now but this very next one coming up. The quick backstory is this: the CA budget blows, just about nobody is fond of the current governor, and the crazed wing of the CA Republican party funded by shystee senator-now-governor-wanna-be Darrell Issa launched a recall effort which looks like it might succeed. All that's bad enough and stupid enough but then there's Arnie sitting by and watching the disaster and threatening to throw his hat into the ring following the opening of T3 July 4th weekend. Aha, I said to myself. There's our out. The out for all right-thinking (as in correct not as in conservative) in California and across the nation. I beg all readers of this modest blog: PLEASE, PLEASE go see T3 on the opening weekend. Arnie claims he's busy with publicity, but it's pretty clear that after his last few disasterous releases he's just waiting to see if he still has a movie career left and if he doesn't...well then get ready for campaign speeches with the future governor pleading for the opportunity "to tehrminate ta bujet deficit like I tehrminate Maria's libido ev'ry night". So please go see T3 and save California from itself and the rest of you from us. Please.
Fyrste, 4:50 PM