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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Alack and alas. I'm tired, as I've been developing a life lately, and so I'm not going to go into much here and now. Go read G. Beato on celebrity and pop-culture and Iraq, paying particular attention to the dearth of cool entertainment in Iraq. I've been on in real life myself about the serious lack of even rudimentary marketing skilz. I mean those videos of Saddam exhorting Iraqis to futiley resist the onslaught of the American Socio-Cultural Borg (oh, Iraq, you shall be assimilated and you will come to wallow in the joys of media-saturated hyper-reality, too bad the last episode of "Buffy" will have aired by the time that happens but the DVDs will be available) are laughably bush league. Sub-Community-Access even. I mean the backdrops look as if they'd been made by a bunch of developmentally and behaviorly troubled fourth graders and the editors clearly need to take an extension course at Saddam Community College. So despite all the deaths and that whole thing about them not actually having the chemical or biological weapons (the casus belli for those of you with an attention span longer than a week, by which I mean everyone in the world excluding most of my fellow Americans), I have to think that we really will be enhancing Iraqi lives once we teach them the power and the glory of sweet packaging.
Fyrste, 8:51 PM